Mystery Glass Straw Pack launched!

Mystery Pack of 10 Glass Straws

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Pumpkin & Spelt Scones

Pumpkin scones made with spelt flour! Simply delicious, even your kids will love these pumpkin scones. Bonus that they are not only super moist but dairy/wheat/sugar free and vegan.

Super Cookies

We call these Super Cookies! Full of goodness, wholesome ingredients and taste delicious. And super quick to make.

Monkey Shake

This is a delicious one for kids and an all natural, vegan, high protein shake when you need a boost (about 17g per serve).

Smoothie Sprinkles

Take your smoothie to whole new level and add smoothie sprinkles! It also makes it into more of a meal by adding a bit of a crunch factor.

Why I use Cacao

So the big question is normally what's the difference between cacao and regular cocoa?