How wide are the glass straws?
There are two widths available - 9mm and 12mm. They are both perfect for water, juices and smoothies. If your smoothies tend to be on the thicker side or you make slushies the 12mm is great.

How do I keep my glass straw clean?
The glass straws are dishwasher safe. We put ours in the cutlery basket in their own section. If you don't have a dishwasher use the cleaning brush with a little bit of detergent. Rinse out your straw straight after use and you will find that it stays sparkling clean. You can also soak in a glass of white vinegar to help remove built up grime.

What are the glass straws made from?
Made of clear borosilicate glass - it's the toughest glass commercially available (same as Pyrex). They are heat resistant, non-toxic, microwave safe, dishwasher safe and freezer safe.

How do I store my glass straw?
We keep ours in a spare glass either on the bench or with our drinking glasses.

HELP! My kids don't like green smoothies!
I know your pain! My kids didn't like green smoothies to start with either! I recommend starting with a fruit smoothie and add a little bit of greens at a time, gradually increasing it to a handful. I definitely recommend this smoothie to start with - it is my kids favourite.

Do you wholesale glass straws?
Yes. Please contact me for further information.