Mystery Glass Straw Pack launched!

Mystery Pack of 10 Glass Straws

ONLY $50  RRP $82

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9 inches long 9mm and 12mm wide glass straw

    Perfect for smoothies, juices and cocktails!
    Made of borosilicate glass - the toughest glass commercially available (same as Pyrex)
    Heat Resistant
    Eco-friendly - say goodbye to plastic straws!
    100% non-toxic
    Microwave Safe
    Dishwasher Safe
    Freezer Safe

Your Mystery Pack consists of 10 straws and will contain a selection of our most popular straws:

Decorated Straws: Flowers, Petals, Ladybugs, Dots

Coloured: Black, Charcoal, Blue, Teal, Green, Purple, Pink, Yellow, Orange, White

12mm Thick smoothie straws

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